High Speed Vacuum Balancing

  • Posted on: 14 September 2014
  • By: wroot

Balance Work Shop

By employing efficient software and advanced equipment, proficient and experts, this unit has the ability to perform all balancing procedures for turbine and compressor rotors.

The following services will be presented:

  • Assembling the blades of hot and cold sections for gas turbine rotors
  • Performing weighted configuration for all blades in various stages with the lowest residual unbalance by using the blade sorting software.
  • Designing and manufacturing of rotor's auxiliary parts for the tests on the balancing machine.



High Speed Vacuum Balancing Machine Capabilities:

Based on the API 616, 617 and ISO 11342, 1940-1 standards, this machine can perform low speed and high speed balancing for rigid and flexible gas turbine rotors and rotary compressors with the weighted range of 300 Kg to 4.5 Tons in vacuum chamber with dimensions of up to 6 meters length, and 1.5 meters diameter.

Performing over speed tests for various rotors such as Mono-block, Weld, Central Tie-rod, and Tie-bolt up to 20,000 rpm.

Measurement and report of Rotor's vibration after balancing process, such as:

  • Run-out profile
  • Rotor Bending Line
  • Orbit Diagram
  • Residual Unbalance