After Sale Services

  • Posted on: 8 October 2014
  • By: admin

After Sale Services Department This department established by means of creating an engineering team for failure analysis, life assessment, and by focusing on procurement of materials, components and repairing services, not only acts as a supportive team for production, but also presenting reliable services to the customers. By focusing on routing the problems with scientific approaches, after sale services department is trying to face the problems with futuristic and responsible manners alongside preserving quality and customer satisfaction. Repair, Procurement and Special Services Nowadays repair and maintenance of high tech machines, such as gas turbines and rotary machines which are so expensive is a vital and intelligence action rather than replacing them with the new ones. Repair and maintenance can ameliorate the life span of the machines; also it will result in reducing the cost of substitution, however it needs to be done by experts and special tools and techniques. The after sale services department is honored to be the one who is in charge of, tracing and controlling the defects, providing the repair and inspection procedures, and implementing repair and fixing the defects. By relying on advanced experts and great database of suppliers, procurement for the needs of clients and also the repair shop would be done by this department. Moreover, from the quality assurance, quality control, and inspection aspects, this department can present destructive, non-destructive, and CMM tests; also, providing failure analysis and inspection reports are two other major technical deliveries which can be submitted by after sale services department.

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